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Our CINCH story

Our CINCH story

When my husband Tim and I opened our home care agency, we said many prayers, because we understood how volatile home care can be. If a client goes to the hospital or dies, their assigned caregivers suddenly don’t have any work. We realized that offering community based home care would provide our agency – and our caregivers – some much-needed stability.

Communities Needed Reliable Care

Tim spoke with independent senior communities in our area, and one soon asked us to provide community based home care. Its managers explained that they were very unhappy with the service their current agency was providing. Residents complained that caregivers would arrive at unpredictable times, often with no idea what tasks the client had requested help with. 

Not only did the community managers need an agency that could provide community based home care services, they needed one that would stick around. A series of short-lived, ineffective agencies had left then cautious, and they were looking for a long term partner they could trust. Although we hadn’t provided community based home care before, we were experienced and ready for a new challenge.

No Digital Platform for Community Based Home Care

Our caregivers loved the steady hours and teamwork that community based home care gave them. However, we quickly realized that the software platform we used for traditional home care clients couldn’t handle the intricate scheduling community based home care required. It couldn’t assign multiple clients to one caregiver, schedule visits shorter than an hour, or allow one caregiver to take over for another in case of trouble. 

With no suitable software, we resorted to using paper to create client task sheets and caregiver schedules. TheWe started with 15 clients and the paperwork was manageable at first, but as our agency grew, so did frustration in the office as staff struggled to keep pace without technology.

We knew that if we were going to continue to provide community based home care and expand to other communities, we would need a technology platform to support it. After months of searching, it became clear that no such platform existed. If we wanted one, we would need to build it ourselves.

CINCH CCM: The Right Tool for the Job

CINCH CCM was custom-built to give agencies the tools to efficiently manage all aspects of community based home care. This includes caregiver assignments, caregiver shift schedules and all documentation in the clients’ records.

Staff can see the Caregiver Assignments in a daily or weekly view. They are able to determine if they have the appropriate staffing levels and if they are assigning caregivers efficiently. They can easily reassign visits by moving them using ‘drag and drop’.

The client Task Sheets (the instructions given to the caregiver for each visit) are embedded into the Caregiver Assignment giving the caregivers all the information they need every time they enter the client’s home. Tasks are easily added to, changed, or deleted from specific client visits.

CINCH CCM promotes teamwork, as all caregivers are able to see all client Task Sheets while they are working. A caregiver is able to help a team member by completing a client visit from their schedule – without reassigning the visit to them. CINCH CCM also produces valuable reports including utilization records – an important indicator of profitability – and integrates with the care software platform an agency is currently using for their traditional home care.

Ready to spend less time on scheduling community based home care services while increasing your client and caregiver satisfaction levels? Call us – it’s a CINCH!


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