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Product Overview

CINCH CCM (Community Care Management) is the home care industry's first cloud-based mobile technology that enables agencies to efficiently manage their community-based home care services. It does this by addressing what is missing from current software platforms - Visual Team Based Scheduling and the Big Picture View of all client visits.

CINCH CCM mobile

Agencies understand that these services create lucrative, recurring revenue streams but these services are run very differently than traditional home care. CINCH gives them the tools to create lists of client visits for caregivers, make changes easily, and run the crucial reports needed to stay profitable.

Caregivers love the state-of-the-art mobile application which ensures real time information in their hands, the ability to not only see their teammate’s schedule but to complete a visit for them - without any office intervention. Caregivers can use CINCH’s secure messaging to communicate with their teammates and the application can operate completely offline so no missing visits or documentation.

With CINCH, agencies no longer need to try to assign ‘bundled tasks’ to each client in order to have correct invoices. Clients have only the specific tasks they request for each visit- just like in traditional home care. Invoices are created by completed client visits, so they are accurate every time.

Key Features:

CINCH CCM Caregiver appThe Big Picture View: The ability to see all scheduled client visits by the day and by week in a setting that gives a clear view of caregiver utilization. This tool enables agencies to schedule the appropriate number of caregivers at the times they are needed.

Real-Time Visual Team Scheduling. Office staff AND caregivers on shift can see when visits are completed and when a caregiver may need assistance. CINCH was designed so the documentation records the caregiver completing the visit tasks- even if not on their assignment. No office intervention is needed- caregivers can manage challenges independently.


Real-Time KPI’s and Community Information. The CINCH Home Page Dashboard gives leadership a real-time picture of how well the community is being managed. Real-Time indicators are provided for caregiver utilization and community gross profit as well as tracking any missed visits by caregivers.

Real-time Indicators of Visit Completion. When a caregiver clicks the BEGIN button, their name, the date, and actual time are recorded. The visit will turn light green on the Caregiver Assignment screen to show the show is in progress. When the visit is completed, it will turn dark green. Caregivers as well as the office staff see these changes.

CINCH CONNECT Open API – CINCH is an open, integrable product designed to work with other home care technology platforms.

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$12 per client / month

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