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How Home Care Agencies Can "Shut the Back Door" in Independent Living Communities

How Home Care Agencies Can

In the realm of Independent Living Communities, there's a common struggle shared by many: helping residents remain at home in their community apartment instead of departing prematurely. This challenge came to light for me during a conversation with the director of an independent living community, shortly after our home care agency was selected as their preferred on-site partner.

The director’s plea for help to "shut the back door" struck a chord. He explained that previous agencies had failed to meet residents' needs consistently, resulting in dissatisfaction and departures. Despite having a well-established Home Health partner on site for skilled services, the residents’ personal and companion care needs were not met by their home care partner.

Common complaints he received included: caregivers ill-equipped, lacking up-to-date information for their visits, arriving late, or not at all. The absence of a variety of visit lengths further compounded the issue. Families, frustrated by the lack of suitable care options, often resorted to moving their loved ones to assisted living facilities, despite it not always being the best solution.

Recognizing the importance of teamwork, our agency collaborated with the on-site Home Health agency to develop a comprehensive range of services tailored to residents' needs. We introduced visits of various durations, from brief 7-minute check-ins to round-the-clock care, all priced competitively to offer affordability without compromising quality.

The key to our success? Technology. We developed a sophisticated software platform capable of managing thousands of visits weekly, each customized to individual client needs. Crucially, caregivers could access and operate the platform offline, essential in communities with unstable Wi-Fi and cellular service.

Implementing this program across four independent living communities not only generated substantial recurring revenue for our agency but, more importantly, allowed residents to remain in their home, preserving their independence and dignity.

CINCH CCM, a powerful tool in the hands of home care agencies, has the potential to transform struggling communities into thriving spaces with waitlists for new residents. 

In closing, let's work together to "shut the back door" and ensure residents can remain in their homes longer, where they belong.

To learn more about how CINCH can empower your agency, visit today.

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