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Evaluate CINCH

Are you having difficulty managing your Community Based Home Care? Check out the information below to learn about one of the best solutions in the market to manage the ever changing environment of Community Care!

Why Should You Evaluate CINCH?

Listen to Tim Murray, CEO of CINCH CCM explain why it is worth evaluating CINCH.

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Our Story

How did CINCH get started?

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What CINCH Did For Us, It Can Do For You!

Find out how CINCH was able to transform Tim and Gina’s previous Home Care agency, Aware Senior Care, LLC.

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What is Community-Based Home Care?

What is Community Based Home Care? Find out how it can be a success for your home care agency!

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Community-based Home Care Assessment

If your agency is providing community-based care in Independent Communities with clients getting very short visits and caregivers being assigned to many clients each shift, you know the many challenges of managing those schedules.Are you profitable? Is your staff working efficiently or burdened with paperwork? Here’s a 2 minute assessment to score your agency’s management of those services. CINCH is the gamechanger you’ve been looking for.

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What is CINCH?

CINCH was designed by Home Care Agency owners to solve a very specific problem.

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Using CINCH with your Current Home Care Technology Platform

Tim Murray, CEO of CINCH CCM, discusses how the CINCH Community Care Management software can work along with your current Home Care software.

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Achieving Operational Efficiency With CINCH

Tim Murray, CEO of CINCH CCM, discusses the overall cost savings of adding CINCH CCM software to manage your community-based home care.

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Create your own Custom Business Case for CINCH

In this section we walk you through a spreadsheet to evaluate the potential cost saving and gross profit impact.

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Caregivers Love the Caregiver Application – It’s Easy!

When CINCH was first designed we put ourselves in the shoes of caregivers as well as ask them what they wanted in an application for tablet and phones to do their job well. See and listen to a caregiver Sharon from the Key describe how easy it is to use with their current home care platform.

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Webinar Replay: Solving The Unique Challenges Of Community-Based Home Care In Independent Living Communities.

Three of our customers describe how they got started with community-based care, their challenges, and the impact of using CINCH to manage it.

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How CINCH is a Game Changer

Listen to some testimonials from actual CINCH users and those impacted by CINCH.

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