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Micah Killgore

Micah Killgore

Product Manager and Customer Support

As the Product Manager and Customer Support, Micah Killgore is responsible for the overall management of the CINCH CCM product and the customer experience. Micah comes to CINCH CCM from a nationwide home care corporation where he played a key role as an Information Technology specialist.

Gina and Tim Murray are thrilled to have the opportunity work with Micah once again. They had hired Micah in 2017 to work with them in their home care agency Aware Senior Care. Micah played an integral role in the success of the agency and directly contributed to the creation of technology we now call CINCH CCM. While at Aware, Micah helped the agency successfully manage the use of this technology in their community care services. He also trained caregivers how to use it and supported the office staff in their day-to-day work with CINCH.

Prior to joining Aware, Micah was a licensed Health Care Administrator and was the focal point for the ground-up building, licensing, and establishment of a new senior care facility in Pennsylvania.

Micah and his family live in Angier, North Carolina. Besides his expertise in home care and home care technology, he has hidden talents as a barista and audio-visual specialist. He also really enjoys food and loves to find those special places in NC offering interesting cuisine which includes an occasional trip for ice cream at Goodberries.

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