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Visual Team Scheduling

View, plan, balance and optimize caregivers’ schedules in minutes – from any device.

Visual Team Scheduling

Highlights of Visual Team Scheduling:

  • Schedulers can see all client visits in daily, weekly or monthly views.
  • Caregivers can see all client visits scheduled for the day they are working.
  • Schedulers can create schedules based on the client’s location and the duration of the visit.
  • Caregivers can help their teammates when needed and document any client visit – whether or not it was their assignment.
  • Office staff can see in real time whether or not visits have been completed.
  • Schedulers can balance caregiver schedules to ensure coverage and prevent burnout.
  • Schedulers can easily see where to add new client visits.
  • Schedules can request caregiver feedback on schedules.

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