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Visual Team Scheduling

View, plan, balance and optimize caregivers’ schedules in minutes – from any device.

Visual Team Scheduling

Highlights of Visual Team Scheduling:

  • All scheduled client visits are displayed on one screen in chronological order with client’s name, location, start time, and the duration of the visit.
  • Office Staff easily see the amount of time between the scheduled client visits so adding new client visits or adjusting current client visits is simple.
  • Office staff and caregivers can see in real time whether client visits are being completed as scheduled. .
  • Caregivers are assigned to a list of client visits, not individually to the clients so making a change for a call out is one step in CINCH.
  • Caregivers see all scheduled client visits and have access to the Task Sheets created for each visit. They can complete a visit in a teammate’s list and the documentation will record their name.

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