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Ramp Up Community Care

This is for agencies that are in and operating Community Care (Stacked/Shared/Short-Visit) but are experiencing lower than expected profitability, caregiver utilization and high administrative burdens. This package starts with a review of your current operations during a one hour consulting session.

Ramp Up Community Care

Ramp Up Community Care is about assessing your community care operations, identifying areas for improvement, setting goals with key performance indicators and creating a project plan to achieve the goals.

Receive expert guidance, resources, and proven strategies that will enhance efficiency and drive sustainable growth in the communities you serve.

Ramp Up Community Care Package includes:

  1. Review of current operations using our Community-Based Home Care Assessment and Questionnaire.
  2. Two hours of consulting service.
  3. Access to the CINCH Demonstration Community to be leveraged for presentations to communities.
  4. Documents including Agency Protocols, Setting Expectations, Insights on Pricing and more.

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$295 (US)

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