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About Tim and Gina

Tim and Gina Murray are the co-founders and owners of CINCH CCM, Inc. They married just after their graduation from Villanova and Tim’s commissioning into the Navy in 1981. Tim served aboard the nuclear submarine USS Groton and then worked for IBM. Gina, a registered nurse, worked part time while raising their four children. They moved to North Carolina in 1992 when Tim joined a startup technology company. 

When both of their fathers fell ill, Tim and Gina had trouble finding suitable care for them, and felt called to start their own home care agency. Together, they founded Aware Senior Care in 2014 and were proud members of The Senior’s Choice membership network. 

Their agency grew quickly, and in November of 2016, Aware was chosen to provide community based home care in an independent senior living community. Tim and Gina soon realized that because community based home care runs very differently than traditional home care, it required a different technology solution – and no such solution was currently available.

Aware Senior Care was recognized with numerous awards over the years, including Home Care Pulse’s Leader in Excellence award for three consecutive years (2018-2020), the Cary Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business of the Year award (2017 and 2019) and the Triangle Business Journal Family Business of the Year honors in 2019. The agency, a multi-million-dollar business, had 12 full-time office staff and 165 caregivers when Tim and Gina sold it in December 2020.

Since the sale of Aware, Tim and Gina have leveraged their knowledge, experience and passion into what is now CINCH CCM® Version 3.0 a patent-pending Software-as-a-Service solution built upon the Microsoft Azure secure computing platform.  CINCH continues to help our home care agency customers provide their home care clients with much needed services in communities enabling them to stay longer and enjoy a higher quality of life. 

What is Community Based Home Care?

Community based home care is a rapidly growing segment of home care services. It’s designed for seniors who don’t need medical care or highly expensive assisted living; they just need a little support. This service is found in independent senior communities like apartments and small cluster homes where home care services are provided in very short visits. Caregivers will visit several clients in a row, some more than once during their shift. 

Community based home care is different from traditional home care, where one caregiver provides service to one client at a time in their home for periods ranging from 4 hours to 24/7 live-in care. 

Both community based home care and traditional home care include non-medical services like assistance with bathing, dressing, toileting, mobility, medication reminders and household tasks. Some agencies also include pet care and assistance with errands and transportation.

Clients receiving community based home care receive brief visits (typically 15-30) minutes. Some clients get several visits each day, while others have just a few each week. These short visits can be for anything from a medication reminder to help taking a shower safely, and they enable clients to continue to live independently.  

Though the tasks the caregivers perform in community based home care are the same as traditional home care, caregiver assignments were very different (see illustration below). 

Traditional Home Care

One CaregiverOne Caregiver One ClientOne Client Example of Visits:
  • 2 Hr.
  • 4 Hr.
  • 8 Hr.
  • 12 Hr.
  • 24/7

Community Based Home Care

Many Caregivers Many ClientsMany Clients Example of Visits:
  • 7 Min.
  • 15 Min.
  • 30 Min.
  • 45 Min.
  • 60 Min.

What is CINCH CCM?

CINCH Community Care Management is the home care industry's first cloud-based mobile technology that addresses the gaps that exist in current home care software systems to address community based home care. Built as a Software-as-a-Service on the Microsoft Azure platform, CINCH provides caregiver assignments and real-time tools to help agencies easily and profitably manage community based home care services in independent living communities. It was designed by home care agency owners for home care agency owners. It is a proven system, patent pending (#507289800) and is already helping our seniors here in RTP.

Why Did We Develop CINCH?

As their home care agency Aware Senior Care started to provide Community Based Home Care starting in 2016, owners Tim and Gina quickly determined that their current home care software system could not manage this different method to provide home care services. There was no way to know how many caregivers were needed, how to arrange the client visits or even if the cost of the visits covered the expenses. Office staff did their best to manage even though they had to resort to using spreadsheets for schedules and paper for Care Plans. It was inefficient, time-consuming, and frustrating for everyone.

After an exhaustive and fruitless search for a technology solution for community based home care services, they decided to create one. CINCH CCM V1 made its debut in March 2020 in the same independent senior community where Aware first offered community based home care. As with all software, CINCH needed to be tested to see if it could be the solution everyone hoped it could be. 

Aware caregivers were the first to beta test CINCH with their 30 community based home care clients. The response from the caregivers and office staff was overwhelmingly positive. Caregivers found it very easy to use, and office staff marveled at the reduction in their workload. 

With the successful launch of CINCH, Tim and Gina sought to expand their community based home care services. In June 2020, their agency was asked to provide community based home care to a community three times the size of their current one, which required its home care agency to have caregivers present 24/7. Tim and Gina accepted, confident that they finally had the technology to manage it. 

Since forming CINCH CCM, Inc. in December 2020, CINCH is now in its third major version.  CINCH is built on the secure Microsoft Azure public computing platform as a Software-as-a-Service.  Caregivers access CINCH securely by browsers using mobile devices.

What Makes CINCH CCM Unique?

The overriding edge that CINCH CCM has is founders Tim and Gina specifically designed CINCH based on their own knowledge and experience in successfully providing care in independent living communities.  Competitive home care technology companies don't have this edge nor a true understanding of how to manage community based home care services. 

CINCH CCM® is a registered trademark and a patent application was submitted and accepted on 5/22/2022 for METHODS, DEVICES, AND SYSTEMS FOR PROVIDING VISUAL TEAM-BASED SCHEDULING OF IN-HOME CAREGIVERS Patent #507289800.  The present invention relates to a server application, a web application, a mobile device application, and a client/server infrastructure; and more specifically to methods, devices, and systems for providing visual team-based scheduling.

Specific key features include:

  • The Big Picture View. The most important requirement we had for ourselves when we designed CINCH was to provide staff a visual ‘”big picture” view of the schedule on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. You can instantly see conflicts as well as under or over utilization of caregivers with our visual schedule view.
  • Real-Time Visual Team Scheduling. At the heart of CINCH CCM is the proprietary scheduling technology which creates caregiver assignments. These Assignments include the location of the client’s apartment, the duration of the visit and the specific tasks to be performed during the visit. Schedulers can get a big picture of all scheduled client visits in a daily or weekly view.
  • Team-based Caregiver Assignments. Caregivers use a tablet or phone to see and document their assigned client visits for each shift. All caregivers can view and complete any client visit. This is useful if a caregiver is running late or unable to work their shift, the client visits can be easily reassigned to other team members working that shift.
  • Real-time Visit Completion Synchronization. When a caregiver clicks the client visit on their schedule at the start of the visit, the visit will turn light green to indicate he/she is with the client. Upon completion of the visit, it will turn dark green.
  • Custom Client Visit Plan. Embedded in the caregiver assignment is a task sheet for each client visit. Caregivers will indicate whether or not each task was completed, and if a task was not completed, the caregiver must enter the reason. Upon completion of the visit, the task sheet is stored in the client’s record, and can be used to verify the services rendered.
  • Communication. Community Notes feature provides an easy and efficient way to get information between office staff and caregivers.

What CINCH Did For Us, It Can Do For You

CINCH CCM and Community Based Home Care was a game changer for our agency Aware Senior Care. So many good things resulted from our investment in CINCH and adding community based home care to our home care agency services portfolio.

Financially speaking, at the time of our agency’s sale in December 2020, Community Based Home Care represented 30% of our home care revenue. It was a steady and reliable source of income during a time of uncertainty (remember this was during the time of COVID-19) and it was a major reason the acquiring company bought our agency. Gina and I both felt what CINCH did was tip the scale in a very positive fashion how our agency looked to potential acquirers.

CINCH Community Care software also had a very positive impact on our traditional home care.  In fact, because we were in communities providing community based home care, these same communities also had longer term cases or cases where a resident left the property for medical reasons and upon return, needed longer term traditional home care. Again, financially speaking, community based home care resulted in an additional 12% of revenue to our traditional long-term home care service revenue.

We added a staffing service. Because we did a very good job of community based home care, one of our communities that offered independent, assisted and memory care, asked us to take over staffing of aids in assisted living. This additional staffing business resulted in another additional 30% of our overall revenue. Like community based home care, it was very steady and predictable, and it would not have happened if we were never in the community. Our reputation from this grew and we had staffing agreements with two additional properties. Staffing home care aids became a significant part of our revenue portfolio.

Enhanced caregiver recruiting and retention. You might not have guessed this benefit but what CINCH and community based home care did for us is enable us to offer our caregivers even more employment options with  higher caregiver pay and benefits. Caregivers just loved the flexibility in opportunities in community based home care. It also offers caregivers a very steady schedule. They are assigned shifts per week and typically in communities there are very little last-minute client cancellations.  The schedule is pretty steady which positively impacts a steady caregiver schedule. Aware Senior Care had a leg up compared to other home care agencies in the area because of the depth and breadth of our care services and ability to provide care in homes and in communities.

CINCH CCM did this for us and it can do it for you.

    HIPAA Compliant

    CINCH CCM successfully validates compliance against the Security Rules within the HHS Audit Protocol for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). At CINCH CCM, safeguarding your data, taking measures to protect against possible cyber-attack and establishing tested contingency plans and data back-up procedures is at the core of our commitment to you.

    Here’s a brief summary of our HIPAA compliance audit and what it means to you.

    Recently, CINCH CCM enlisted the expertise of CompliancePoint, Inc., a distinguished third-party assessor, to conduct a comprehensive assessment of our information systems and technology. The focus of this assessment was to ensure compliance with the Security Rules outlined in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), as per the HHS Audit Protocol.

    The HHS Audit Protocol, established by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) within the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, serves as the foundation for CompliancePoint’s HIPAA Assessment of CINCH CCM. This audit program evaluates controls and processes that entities and business associates, such as CINCH CCM, must implement to mitigate the risk of an electronic protected health information (ePHI) data breach. It also ensures due diligence with the applicable HIPAA Rules based on entity classification.

    The assessment process conducted by CompliancePoint included a thorough examination through interviews, observations, technical testing, and document reviews. We are delighted to announce that the assessment was successfully completed on January 25, 2024. The results unequivocally affirm that CINCH CCM has diligently implemented the requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule, as stipulated in the HHS Audit Protocol.

    The mainstay of the audit process is the safeguarding of data, however, the audit also includes an extensive security assessment which includes a review of measures to safeguard against cyber-attack, as well as contingency plans for disaster recovery and data back-ups.

    The audit results verified that CINCH CCM has fully and compliantly implemented the requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule as outlined in the HHS Audit Protocol.

    Rest assured, the audit results have verified that CINCH CCM has fully and compliantly implemented the requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule as outlined in the HHS Audit Protocol, providing you with the assurance and peace of mind you deserve.

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